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R. B. Bernstein

R. B. Bernstein teaches at City College of New York's Colin Powell School and New York Law School; his books include Thomas Jefferson (2003), The Founding Fathers Reconsidered (2009), the forthcoming The Education of John Adams, and the forthcoming The Founding Fathers: A Very Short Introduction, all from Oxford University Press.

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Congressional pugilistsCongressional pugilists. A crude portrayal of a fight on the floor of Congress. (Photo: Library of Congress)

What Tools Not To Use In Political Fighting: A Pocket Guide

If you pay attention to how people discuss politics online in social media, you might feel your head spinning. Far too many people on left and right are insisting not only that their adversaries are somehow bad for America, but that they’re traitors, or that they’ve committed sedition, or that they’ve violated the Logan Act.